What is Rejuvenated?

R emain committed to your well-being

E mbrace positive changes in your lifestyle

J ourney towards better health and happiness

U tilize practical strategies and guidance

V iew yourself as capable of transformation

E nergize your body and mind

N ourish yourself with healthy choices

A ttain a renewed sense of purpose

T ake time for self-care and relaxation

E xperience the joy of a rejuvenated life

D iscover a happier and fulfilled you

This acrostic emphasizes the steps of reclaiming, renewing, and reviving in order to achieve a state of being rejuvenated and happier as a driver.

At NomadTLC, we take pride in helping truck drivers reclaim their health, vitality, and zest for life. Don't just take our word for it—witness the remarkable transformations our clients have achieved through our coaching programs:

Rejuvenated Story 1:

Cindy Tunstall, CEO, Achieve Trucking and Enjoying Life OTR

“After having Malinda as a guest on my podcast, I was struck by her wisdom and expertise. Since then, I've sought out her counsel on a number of occasions and have always been impressed with her ability to help me think through complex issues and find practical solutions.

One of the things I appreciate most about Malinda is her gift for asking the right questions. She has a way of cutting through the noise and helping me focus on what really matters, which has been invaluable as I've navigated various challenges in my personal and professional life. Her approach is always practical and grounded, and I've come away from our sessions with a clear sense of what to do next.

Whether you're a trucker looking to improve your health and well-being or someone in need of a sounding board for a new business venture, I highly recommend Malinda and her coaching business, NomanTLC.   Her insights and guidance are top-notch, and I know you'll find her to be an incredibly valuable resource!”

Rejuvenated Story 2:

Sarah R.

"Working with NomadTLC has been a transformative experience for me. As a busy truck driver, I felt overwhelmed and disconnected from my health goals. But with the personalized attention and guidance from Malinda, I've been able to break free from old habits and create a sustainable wellness routine. The 1:1 coaching sessions were invaluable in helping me navigate the unique challenges of life on the road. I highly recommend this program to any trucker looking to improve their well-being."

Rejuvenated Story 3:

Mike H

"Being a part of Healthier Happier Truckers has been a game-changer for me. The support and resources provided in the Facebook group have been instrumental in my health journey. It's a safe space where I can openly share my struggles and celebrate my successes with fellow truckers who truly understand. The tips and tools shared in the group have helped me make small, meaningful changes to my lifestyle. Thank you, NomadTLC, for creating such a fantastic community!"

Rejuvenated Story 4:

Lisa M.

"I am so grateful for the guidance and expertise of Malinda at NomadTLC. Through her 1:1 coaching program, I've learned how to prioritize self-care and well-being, even with the demanding nature of my job. The group sessions provided a supportive environment where I could connect with other truckers facing similar challenges. The program gave me the tools and confidence to take control of my health and achieve remarkable results. I cannot recommend it enough!"

Rejuvenated Story 5:

Mark S.

"The Energized Road Warrior program was worth every penny. The personalized coaching sessions with Malinda helped me identify and address the specific roadblocks holding me back from a healthier lifestyle. The accountability and guidance provided kept me on track and motivated throughout the journey. The investment I made in this program has paid off tremendously, and I feel more energized and focused than ever before. Thank you, NomadTLC!"

Rejuvenated Story 6:

John D.

"Before joining NomadTLC, I was stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and frustration. The demands of my job as a truck driver made it nearly impossible to prioritize my well-being. But thanks to the guidance and support from Malinda, I've been able to make significant positive changes in my life. I've lost weight, gained energy, and learned how to create a work-life balance on the road. This program is a game-changer for truckers like me!"

These Rejuvenated Stories provide a mere glimpse into the profound positive changes they have experienced. Our unwavering commitment is to support truck drivers in reaching their health and wellness aspirations, empowering them to conquer their goals, one mile at a time.

If you're ready to embark on your own journey towards a healthier, happier life on the road, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Your Rejuvenated Story could be the next one we feature here. Join us and become a part of the growing community of thriving truckers who have taken charge of their well-being.

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